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Battletech - Experimental Marauder by Shimmering-Sword

This is great for a book cover illustration. It's not too busy so it won't detract from the title or branding. The damage fits well with the descriptions in the Battletech universe (there are several examples of the armor burned away from the myomer on the legs and the mech is able to keep limping along). I like how the armor is pooling up and melting from the laser fire as well. It makes the damage look more than abstract detailing that most artists put on their vehicles.

The cockpit also looks more functional, with substantial visibility for fighting other mechs. It is a bit large for a real combat vehicle, but Battletech steers pretty far away from one shot kills, and nothing in the game has enough accuracy to hit a target that "big," so it fits with the overall universe.

The arms feel too far forward and would disrupt the mech's center of balance, though it could be the angle. It feels like there should be something in the upper left corner, even though the design is for a book cover. Some helicopters/vtol strike craft might have helped without taking too much focus away from the mech.

Overall, a very good piece. I look forward to a Bushwacker :3
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